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Workshop Essaouira

Sample images, what YOU will learn

A fascinating stroll in the Medina of Essaouira. Discover the inhabitants living their daily life, the harbor, the eminent Citadelle, the souk,... A welcome refreshment after the scorching heat of Marrakech.


Marrakech red gives way for Essaouira blue and white.


2 photographers

‘Learn to see differently’ accompanied by Véronique and Marc; both are passionate about photography. Véronique and Marc are Belgian and live in Marrakech, they know the city and its streets very well. Their friendship along with their common interest and love for photography gave birth to this wonderful project! Véronique Schotte and Marc Van Vaek speak Dutch, French and English.



This walk is the logical sequel on 'Workshop Learn to see differently' in Marrakech. Our workshop in Marrakech is all about the basics of photography, the eye. Most of our visitors switch from automatic to semi-automatic or manual mode. The Essaouira workshop emphasizes on the different functions and settings of manual photography. The ultimate combination of theory and practice!



Atelier Photo Essaouira is not planned upfront but is available upon demand. Availability will be confirmed following your reservation request. Preferable this workshop at Essaouira will be planned a few days after your participation to the workshop in Marrakech.



* Leaving Marrakech approx. 07:30 AM at the meeting point

* Halfway coffee/tea break

* Arrival Essaouira approx. 10:30 AM


We will start strolling in the unknown small derb's of Essaouira, in search of 'different' images. After a dinner break of 1 hour, we will head for the souk, harbor and citadelle.


This workshop is first and foremost a photographic day and not only a touristic walk: sequence of the visits may vary according the conditions.


* Return to Marrakech: 07:30 PM

* Estimated time of arrival Marrakech: 10:30 PM


Welcome on this exceptional course!!


More info or got eager to participate? Use our contact sheet or mail


Open for participants with some experience in Semi-automatic or manual photographing. Participants followed by preference our workshop 'Learn to see differently Marrakech'


Group size

minimum 2 to maximum 5 persons



180 € / 1980 dirham per person, at least 2 participants.


* Pick up as close as possible to the place you are staying

* Transfer Marrakech-Essaouira-Marrakech in minivan.

* Coffee/tea break during trip Marrakech to Essaouira

* Tips for owners of goods taken a picture of.

* Entrance citadel

* 2 teachers/photographers

* Sweet snack before leaving Essaouira


Not included:

* Lunch (average price main course 150 dh)

* Personal food & beverage



Each person present during the workshop will be considered as participant.



Only by appointment. Send us a mail or use the contact form.


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Photography Véronique & Marc

Marrakech  /  Morocco

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